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HCWA set to open Ola Water Tank

Nov 6, 2017 by Chris Wood, Ph.D.


The new 2 million gallon Ola Water Tank and Transmission Main are coming online this fall, to improve service to customers in this portion of the county by providing more consistent water pressure and a more efficient HCWA distribution system.

The HCWA is in the process of implementing a new East Henry Operating Scheme to improve water service and consistency to residents and businesses in this portion of the county. A new Ola Water Tank and Transmission Main, set to be in operation in the spring of 2018, will be critical to this long-range plan for capital improvements to the HCWA system.

The 2 million gallon (MG) Ola Water Tank construction began this past winter. This capital project will allow the Authority to better manage its water distribution system by reducing pressure in the eastern portion of HCWA system by 50 PSI.

As a result, service to customers in this area of the HCWA system will be improved through the delivery of clean, safe finished drinking water under more consistent and efficient water pressure. (Pressure entering a home is usually 40-60 PSI after it goes through a pressure reducing valve, though the pressure within the HCWA system is typically much higher.) The new tank and transmission main will enhance fire protection as well.

The eastern portion of Henry County is primarily low in elevation, which results in high static pressure, in relation to water distributed throughout the rest of the county. High pressure can result in increased leaks, water loss, and a reduction in the longevity of the HCWA water distribution system.

In addition, the Ola Water Tank and Transmission Main, which runs down Highway 81 in McDonough to connect the tank with the Tussahaw Water Treatment Plant, are essential to the Authority’s long-range master plan that calls for future expansion of the Tussahaw Plant.

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