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HCWA celebrates the New Year with industry awards

Jan 16, 2017 by Chris Wood, Ph.D.


The Henry County Water Authority received the 2016 GAWP Wastewater Collection System Platinum Award (pictured), the Water Distribution System Gold Award, and the CCR Award.

The Henry County Water Authority (HCWA) celebrated the New Year as one of the most decorated water and sewer utilities in Georgia, after bringing home the industry’s top awards for water and sewer system operations, respectively.

During the final industry conference of the year – the Fall Conference and Expo of the Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP) – the HCWA won both the 2016 Wastewater Collection System Platinum Award and the 2016 Water Distribution System Gold Award. The Authority was one of only five utilities in Georgia to win both the Collection System Platinum and Distribution System Gold Awards this past year.

The Collection System Platinum Award recognizes a sewer system for attaining a grade of 95% or higher for five consecutive years on its annual audit and review of its sewer collection and conveyance system operations by GAWP judges, who are comprised of fellow industry professionals. The HCWA was one of only seven sewer systems in Georgia to receive the Collection System Platinum Award this past year.

The HCWA received the GAWP Distribution System Gold Award for attaining a grade of 95% or higher for its 2016 annual audit and review of its water distribution system operations by GAWP judges, comprised of fellow water professionals in the state. Only eight water systems in Georgia – and only four large systems comparable in size to HCWA – received a GAWP 2016 Water Distribution System Gold Award.

During the GAWP 2016 Fall Conference, the HCWA also received the 2016 Consumer Confidence Report Award for large surface water systems in Georgia, because of the quality of its annual Water Quality Report. The Authority’s Consumer Confidence Report, or Water Quality Report, is published annually to educate customers on the value and quality of HCWA drinking water. This document informs consumers about what is in their drinking water and why, while displaying laboratory data that provides empirical evidence of HCWA water quality, to assure customers their water is clean and safe to drink.

“Most customers are unaware of the planning, training, investments and hard work that go into providing them with clean, safe drinking water and sanitary sewer services every day,” says Lindy Farmer, HCWA General Manager. “These Sewer Collection System and Water Distribution System Awards are indicative of our staff’s dedication to operate the very best water and sewer system possible. We have outstanding employees continually looking for ways to improve our operations, to the point where we’re now recognized as a model water and sewer utility within the state and nation.”

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