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HCWA anticipates $900 million for 30-year CIP

Sep 11, 2017 by Chris Wood, Ph.D.


The Henry County Water Authority will be considering $900 million worth of capital improvements over the next 30 years, as its long-range capital improvement program continues to take shape.

During the HCWA Annual Strategic Planning Session in May, the Authority Board of Directors received a more in-depth look at the current 30-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP), which outlines more than $900 million worth of projects necessary for the utility to maintain its excellent level of services while accommodating growth through the year 2045.

With the adoption of the FY 2018 budget at the HCWA June Meeting, the Authority took another step toward saving for the 30-year CIP.

HCWA annual revenue comes from a few sources, but predominantly from water and sewer sales, which equate to approximately 75 percent of the total. However, according to Authority officials, the 2 Mil Tax assessed to Henry County property owners is critical to paying off long-term debt and saving for those anticipated capital improvements over the next 30 years.

Local leaders established a 2 Mil Tax in 1968 via an Amendment to the Georgia Constitution, allowing the Henry County Board of Commissioners to collect this revenue for the Authority, which had been created in 1961 as an autonomous enterprise. Since that time, the 2 Mils have helped offset the cost of developing the HCWA water and sewer system, which would not have been possible without this security for bond issues that were necessary to fund this infrastructure for the community, says Gordon Mortin, bond underwriter for the Authority.

“Without that 2 Mil tax, Henry County would not have the water and sewer system it has today; for example, the reservoirs that now provide a plentiful water supply could not have been financed and constructed,” says Mortin. “For the Authority’s leadership to get voters to approve the 2 Mil tax was visionary, and that vision has brought extraordinary results to Henry County.”

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