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Why is my water discolored or muddy looking?

Discoloration in the drinking water does not result from mud or dirt entering the distribution system.    Following treatment, all water introduced into the system is clean and clear, and the water lines are pressurized to a point which prevents any mud or dirt from being able to enter into the piping system.  There are however, natural elements and minerals in the water that can settle in the main lines or accumulate in household plumbing over time.  Some older plumbing made from galvanized steel pipe can cause discolored water itself due to rust or corrosion forming on the inside of the piping. The two main elements that can cause the water to be discolored are iron and manganese, and are natural minerals which give Georgia clay its unique color. Neither of these minerals are harmful, and are even found in most vitamin supplements. While these minerals can accumulate on the inside of the main lines and water tanks over time, the HCWA maintains a water line flushing program and a water tank washout program to help minimize these deposits.  When pressure changes occur in the water lines from line breaks, improper flushing of hydrants, extended use of fire hydrants, filling swimming pools and any rapid use of the cold water,  then these minerals can become re-suspended in the water and make it appear discolored. This situation may be remedied at the household by flushing from outside hose spigots. If this is ineffective, contact HCWA’s Operations department at (678) 583-2490 or after hours at (770) 957-6659.

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